Welcome to the Laughter Network Directory

The Laughter Network website offers a directory service to provide you with easy access to professional individuals with diverse talents and a common goal to bring more laughter, health and happiness into people’s lives.

This website lists Laughter Professionals who work in the area of therapeutic laughter and laughter without reason such as comedy, jokes and humour.

To find comedy acts, comedians/comediennes, and other humour-based individuals please use alternative search facilities and methods.

Laughter releases endorphins, giving us the ‘feel good factor’
Acts as aerobic exercise and is like ‘internal jogging’
Unleashes inhibitions, breaks down barriers
Great team building tool encourages better communication
Helps boost our immune system which helps us resist disease
Tones muscles, improves respiration and circulation
Encourages positive thinking and creativity
Relaxes the whole body by reducing stress and tension

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